POSITION Chairman  
  AGE 52  
  BACKGROUND Martyn qualified as a barrister in 1972 before forming a corporate finance boutique specialising in refinancing and restructuring smaller companies in 1975. At the age of 34 he became chairman of his first publicly listed company and has, since that time, been chairman of over twenty public and private companies. At present he is chairman of nine companies within new media, digital audio equipment, soft drinks manufacturing, household products manufacture, fine art, engineering and financial services. These are all companies that he has either co-founded or joined at an early stage to develop the businesses. His successes in business restructuring and start-ups are numerous. They include a soft drinks company which he co-founded in Lancashire in 1990, and of which he is currently chairman. The company created 150 jobs in an area of high unemployment and turnover doubled every year to 1996 and is currently running at ???? He became chairman of the Conrad plc in 1994, which acquired Sheffield United Football in January 1997. Having completed the restructuring of the company he left the group, with its market capitalisation at 53 million. His involvement in radio goes back many years to when he became a board member of Allied Radio, the group which owned Radio Mercury and County Sound in ????, . He was also involved in the launch of Fortune Radio in Manchester in ????. In 1992 he was the co-founder and subsequently chairman of Minster Sound Radio plc which, at the time of its sale in February 2000, comprised four stations in York, Huddersfield, Bridlington and Scarborough and which had achieved record RAJAR results and record profitability. He resigned as chairman when the ownership of the company was consolidated and its two largest shareholders, GWR and Radio Investments took joint control. Martyn started working with Steve Harris on a range of projects in 1999, with a particular focus on radio and new media, and was happy to accept an invitation to join the Yorkshire Radio Enterprises bid for the regional licence, after he had severed his connections with Minster Sound. Martyn takes an active and passionate interest in all those ventures with which he is associated and invariably takes a long-term view with a commitment to build the finest and best operation within its sector. It is no coincidence that of his eight chairmanships, six are either UK or world leaders within their market.  

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