He added: "The major networks are only interested in standard output but we will break that mould with a broadcast mix that tunes in to the carefully researched wishes of Yorkshire listeners.This is the one group without any affiliations to any existing radio group. "The area is large enough to allow a station with a different agenda to succeed, and we are committed to employing regional talent and originating our own content.

"The YRE team has the financial strength, local knowledge and broadcasting expertise to deliver the commercial radio that Yorkshire has been longing for."

YRE also reunites Steve Harris and Terry Bate; the pioneers of Bradford-based Pennine Radio, which now operates as the Pulse. which first hit the airwaves 25 years ago. Steve Harris, a former Telegraph and Argus journalist, operated variously as Deputy News Editor, Features Editor, and Sports Editor until he left the station in 1980, but remained a director until 1988. John Lockwood, former Capital Radio company secretary, completes the team, as finance director of the new company.

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